Our social impact


Metavallon aims to trigger the time-critical change that Greece needs in order to turn around the current grave economic situation and set foundations for growth. We are providing a supportive infrastructure that helps entrepreneurs start high-impact ventures, create jobs, and grow their businesses – ultimately leading to entrepreneurial success and to a boost for the economy.


Our unique social value proposition is to provide experience-based education and training on entrepreneurship, spur market solutions and innovation, generate an influx of expertise and capital, and foster economic growth across the country. Our focus areas of impact are those of education, economic development, community engagement, entrepreneurial culture, and employment. Our metrics are thus organized around the creation of intellectual, financial, social, cultural, and human capital.

In a country where meaningful opportunities are scarce, Metavallon empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to craft their own futures, prevents brain drain, and develops a virtuous circle of opportunity, creation and growth.

So how do we realize our Social Impact?

See the results of our operations below.

Social Impact Report 2014


Social Impact Report 2013

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Social Impact Report 2012



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