The Accelerator

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Early Deadline: March 30  |   Final Deadline: April 27, 2016 

What we offer

Growth Training (new!) and one-to-one execution coaching


Mentorship and Guidance through our global network of Experts

Targeted Networking within Europe and internationally

Market Alliances with Ericsson and international industry leaders

U.S. Startup Mission to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley


Work and Meeting Space for 6 months at the center of Athens through Orange Grove

$200,000+ in perks and services to each team, including…

  • $10-120,000 in Microsoft Software and cloud services on Windows Azure
  • PayPal and Braintree free transaction volumes
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) free cloud services
  • Upwork services plus free recruiting support and training on how to hire freelancers
  • free service, discounts and lots of support from: Indinero, Pipedrive, Paymentwall, Angeloop, Reportally, Mention, Founderuite, Usabilla, Apifier
  • and more to come…

€22.000 in pre-seed funding

The Goal: 4 months to transform high-potential initiatives into startups geared up for scale – and investment.

What we are looking for

The people is what matters most to us – those with:

  • The talent and passion to create restlessly
  • A sense of business acumen to execute vigorously
  • The commitment and perseverance to achieve big

Experience is helpful but not decisive; industry knowledge and insights carry a lot of weight; vision is key. The ideal company would have 2 or 3 founders. We’ll consider those with 4 or 5, and are reluctant to accept 1-person companies (though not unthinkable).

Your idea and progress is important too – and we aim for startup teams with:

  • a functional tech product or service
  • a scalable business model, within our focus industries
  • some initial market traction

We see these mostly as evidence of your ability to think and execute. Most successful startups change their initial ideas substantially.

In brief, we are looking for three things: talentprogress, and grit.

Where we focus on

This 2016 cycle of The Accelerator focuses primarily on startups within the following sectors:

  • Fintech
  • Enterprise & B2B
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Automated Transportation
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Robotics & NanoTech
  • Cloud services & SaaS
  • Telecommunications & Mobile
  • Energy & Cleantech
  • Health & Biotech
  • Science

All tech startups are welcome, we have invested in great companies working in a wealth of fields, from education to the arts – yet the above are the ones we play best with!

Join in

Applications for The Accelerator 2016 are now closed.

Interested in our 2017 cycle? Send us a message and we shall keep you updated with the latest on the upcoming program!