The Lab

Idea evolution

A globally unique program for aspiring entrepreneurs, The Lab is a rigorous and action-driven guide in

  • exploring the essentials of entrepreneurship
  • transforming your initial idea to an in-depth business concept
  • progressing steadily towards validating and launching your business

The goal: to shape and create a valuable new venture!


What is it about

It is about discovery, action, adaptation, persistence, progress, and results – in a few words, about venturing!

It is structured around two elements:

A. Our novel e-venturing online platform, which comprises:

  • 8 core modules with rich educational and instructional material, a.k.a. the Opportunities
  • a Venture Space for the teams to build, transform, and present their new ventures
  • a Discussion Hive for exchange, feedback, and networking within our community
  • access to and interaction with select Experts from our global network
B. Our Breakthrough series of onsite sessions, which comprise:
  • 8 weekly sessions taking place in Athens
  • new venture presentations from participants and feedback from select guest Experts
  • advanced workshops on startup business
  • further instruction and coaching towards execution

Who is it for

  • Individuals or teams simply with a business idea, at any stage between an one-sentence aspiration to a more thought-through concept.
  • Individuals or teams working on or having developed a prototype, wishing to validate the market side of their product and structure the business elements of their new venture.


How is it unique

Three elements are distinctive in this pioneering program:

  • our results-oriented process, combining online and onsite interaction
  • its nationwide magnitude – and global reach
  • the international expertise brought in through our Experts network

Join in!

Our Winter cycle is now complete, yet we will soon announce a new and supercharged one in the coming months.

Excited to move forward?
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