The Road to Investment: How Fundacity and Metavallon Source the Most Innovative Startups in Europe

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Being part of a demanding business acceleration program is a powerful step towards global domination. And it is the right platform that may propel a budding venture to acceleration and, later, to raising funds. This is how Fundacity and Metavallon set up startups for success: by accompanying them all the way from joining The Accelerator to discovering investment opportunities.

Getting down to Business: The Fundacity Edge for Startups

Fundacity is a global platform connecting startups with investment organizations and business plan competitions around the globe. With thousands of new and aspiring entrepreneurs joining the platform every month, Fundacity offers accelerators, incubators, angel groups, and governments, an innovative cloud-based dashboard to manage their profile and startup evaluation process.

We are pretty sure that you can name many capital-raising platforms that are changing the venture financing landscape and are bringing the world of funding to startup founders in just a few clicks. Before you go name-dropping on us, let us take a few moments to explore what makes Fundacity so different and unique:

#1 Fundacity offers more than a simple user-friendly experience; it is enjoyable too!

The cutting-edge platform was founded and developed by entrepreneurs who have been on the startup side of things: “As startup founders ourselves, we have participated in acceleration programs and know very well the painful application process”, Miklos Grof, CEO and Co-founder Miklos Grof, explains, “so when we started developing our product, we actually invested enormous efforts to create an enjoyable and easy-to-use platform for founders, evaluators, and investors.

#2 Fundacity is easily accessible, yet it is exclusive

Connecting success-thirsty entrepreneurs with dynamic accelerators around the globe and bringing the best of both worlds is key to Fundacity’s mission and vision.

Accelerators use Fundacity because of our industry leading evaluation dashboard. Entrepreneurs who are looking to join an acceleration program or are seeking capital, use Fundacity because of the hundreds of accelerators, business plan competitions, and investors listed exclusively on Fundacity”, states Grof.

Even better: Fundacity is absolutely free for all sides sitting on the venturing table. We would call this a win-win-win situation!

#3 Fundacity is now part of the stellar Gust universe

Here is the amazing tale of two fundraising cities: last February, Fundacity announced its acquisition by Gust, a global funding platform that fosters collaboration between its network of accredited investors and startups that source for early-stage investments.

By joining the Gust family, Fundacity expands its startups’ horizons providing them with fast and easy access to investment opportunities. The acquisition will have the team at Fundacity integrate its cloud-based software into Gust’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fundraising tool.

To grasp the immense value of the deal: this means that, in the near future, accelerator programs on Fundacity will be able to introduce their graduates to Gust’s network of more than 45,000 accredited investors and active venturers in over 550 organizations. In addition to that, accelerators will be promoting their programs to the more than 300,000 startups that will use this mega startup platform to seek empowerment and funding.

Through this new relationship, Gust and Fundacity are responding to the market by providing a solution that expands the reach of world-class accelerators while simultaneously delivering a pipeline for early-stage investors”, said David S. Rose, CEO of Gust, in the press release following the great news.

A Powerful Innovation Ally: Fundacity Joins Forces with Metavallon

If you know us at all, you will definitely know that we handpick our Program Partners and Innovation Allies. Staying true to our code of evolution and excellence, each year we focus on growing stronger through new partnerships – and we want only the best of the best to stand by our side!

And when the time came for us to choose the right platform to use for The Accelerator 2016 applications, we had a truly hard decision to make. Why Fundacity won?

First, it offered an innovative user-friendly platform for startup founders to showcase their work and vision in the best possible way. The platform was originally designed to support a better interaction between accelerators and startup founders and gives our amazing Evaluators the chance to understand if this year’s teams have what it takes to make it in The Accelerator.

Second, Fundacity is focused on connecting entrepreneurs with accelerators around the world and has a strong presence in more than 160 countries. This year’s call focused on getting the most promising emerging talent across Europe to join The Accelerator. Through Fundacity’s European-wide reach and its team’s vigorous region-based promotion, we are happy to report that over 45% of the companies who applied for this year’s cycle came from some truly inspiring European startups.

Last and certainly not least, together with our friends and partners at Gust, we decided to act as groundbreakers and harness their fruitful marriage with Fundacity! It was a plan for partnership success as Fundacity and Gust vigorously promoted The Accelerator 2016 call through their email campaigns and social media channels. In fact, this embodies the way we work with our Innovation Allies, in the spirit of providing mutual support to the ones with whom we share the same values, vision, and passion.

Be part of a Powerful Global Venturing Movement

We are working with Fundacity and our other invaluable Innovation Allies and Program Partners with one sole purpose: to skyrocket our portfolio startups to success.
If you want to be part of this exhilarating ride, check out our Innovation Allies, find out what is in it for your company, and get involved!


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